Best Credit card security tips to avoid online fraud.

Nobody wants to fall in the hands of online fraudster or attackers and regret over your hard earned money but such incidents do happen in the online transaction. let gets straight to the points and there a lot of ways how you can safeguard your credit card online and here are some of the best credit card security tips to avoid online fraud.

    Avoid Public Wi-Fi

You must be watchful and vigilant and avoid doing the online transaction with your credit card in public places such as railway station, hotels, at uses wi-fi because public places use open connection and do not use end to end encryption and attackers will easily retrieve your information about your cards from your smartphones, laptop.

    Do online transaction through trusted sites

What are trusted sites and how can you identify trusted sites and reputed sites. It can easily be done by clicking on the padlock icon that appears with the URL in your browsers bar. All reputed, trusted and e-commerce e sites will use https:// for a secure online transaction.

   Install  and keep an updated version of Antivirus

Keep your system updated with antivirus and scan your computer system for virus or malware before doing any online transaction. Prevention is always better than cure.

   Do not disclose your CVV number

CVV number is the three digit number given at the back of your credit card and you must disclose this number to anyone. You must make sure that this CVV number is encrypted in an online transaction.

   Generate instant OTP(one-time password)

Always keep your registered number with you because in case of online transaction, a one time pin (OTP) will be sent to your mobile for verification to enhance extra layer of security.   

Activate or deactivate your credit card international usage.

if you rarely do international transactions, you can deactivate your international usage by contacting your card vendor customer helpline number because majority the of online transaction occurs in an international transaction because payment is automatically made once you entered your valid card number and three digit cvv number and attackers will target you in this respect. Be vigilant of your card usage both domestically and internationally to avoid online fraud.

   Avoid Phishing and Vishing.

Phishing is an act by which attackers or hackers try to attempt to acquire your credentials and information through disguised entities with malicious intent. And it may in the form of SMS, email, pop-up, appears to be from your bank or card- issuer.

Before responding to any such event, be alert and take correct steps  and do not disclose your credentials

Also avoid Vishing which is an act wherein fraudsters attempt to be collect information, pretending to be calling on behalf of your card issuer. Always do not share your credentials to anyone.

   Do not save your credit card number

Do not save your credit card number, PIN, OTP, CVV number in your smartphone, computers. Once someone accesses your system, you would lose all your credentials.

  Be ready always

In case you suspect any fraudulent activity in your card usage, instant only contact your bank or card issuer, they will help you to block your card instantly. Keep emergency helpline numbers handy in your hand to avoid heavy online fraud losses.


         Be vigilant and watchful regarding your online transaction and by following these simple credit card security tips you can avoid online frauds transaction.

It is up to you..  be knowledgeable and keep learning and doing the right things to avoid a heavy loss.

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